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Social Media, Campaign, Print

The pandemic situation has created a slow-down

in travel and leisure business in general, hence why

Marriott International would like to revive the situation in Indonesia especially with the arising boredom and pressure of being locked down.

Seeing how the pandemic situation got better and how people started to go out to find some entertainment, Marriott International, saw the chance to revive their presence in Indonesia. Through one of its sub-brands, Marriott Bonvoy, we created a campaign to restrengthen its position as one of the leading brands in hospitality. With the boredom and pressure that were caused due to the lockdown, we presented Marriott as the answer for our audiences to heal the boredom and pressure caused by the lockdown.

Marriott International
ZENO Indonesia
Campaign, Van Branding, Event Promotional Materials.



Rasa Kuliner, the campaign born from the understanding on
how our audiences like to try different taste of foods – a way for them to experience fun and entertainment in the experience. The campaign itself will be held in 5 big cities in Indonesia, where we will highlight each city's original and unique type of cuisine.


To strengthen the presence of the campaign,

we branded a van that will be the highlight that carries out the campaign as a whole.


Partnered up with Mercedes Benz, the van will travel city through city to raise more awareness and excitement amongst our audiences.

The Iconic Vehicle of The Campaign

The van acted as the icon that carries out the campaign as a whole. Not only showcasing the schedule of the offline events that were held in 5 different cities, we also utilized the van to be our main attraction where audiences can take picture and post it out on their social media to create more buzz. 

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