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Social Media, Campaign, Print

Hawaya is one of the leading dating apps

for those who are Muslims and trying to find a serious relationship with the hope of leading to a marriage.

Hawaya asked our help to strengthen their position in Indonesia and Malaysia as a trusted companion for Muslim women to find their ‘jodoh’. We then guide Muslim women and entrust them with the courage to explore their options using the app, while staying true to who they are and what they believe in. 


ZENO Indonesia 
& Malaysia (pitch)
Campaign, Social Media



Genuine Like Sister to Sister


Following the Sisters In Hearts campaign, our visual approach has to convey and communicate in a way a sister / girlfriend would talk to each other – genuine and reassuring. We positioned Hawaya as the one to give you all the support you need to find the right partner in life, for life.


Just as what sisters are for.

With the current on-going campaign called Sisters In Hearts, we had to amplify the concept of the campaign

through creative storytelling across digital and social channels. This is not only to increase the share of voice for aspirational male users with quality but also to expand the brand storytelling, from awareness to conversion which lead to the growth of Hawaya as a brand furthermore.

At the end, with this campaign, it will establish Hawaya as the go-to for serious match-making apps that leads to marriage.

Engaging and Relatable


The always-on will have more interactive contents in order to create more engagement from our audiences. The format can be in a form of quizzes, trivia, or adapting anything that’s on trending at the time and adjust it to Hawaya context. This is to make our audiences relate better to Hawaya and bring closer connection.

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