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Social Media, Campaign, Print

With the increase of people having pets in Indonesia, Boehringer Ingelheim saw a chance to market their ray of products that can protect pets from any skin diseases such as ticks and fleas.

With all the varied brands of products that they want to market, Boehringer Ingelheim was looking for one new social media account for all products.


With this new social media, we need to find the strategy to gain awareness and engagement from the targeted audiences.

ZENO Indonesia
Identity, Social Media


The visual approach will combine product features along side with illustration and/or image of pets (dogs and cats)

to create more interest from our audiences.

We try to carry a more loving feel and emotion on our visuals, hence why we use mostly soft colors and added graphic elements that convey the message of love between pet owner and their pet.

A Brand Identity That Speaks for Itself.

As people treat their pet as a family member, we want to communicate the need for them to protect their fur baby – hence we came up with Jaga Anabul as the brand identity of our social media. 

Jaga in Bahasa Indonesia means "to protect" while Anabul is a short for Anak Bulu or "fur baby/child". 

This concept of identity is also portrayed from the brand logo that we created.

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