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We came up with communication message to trigger
consumer's behavior to switch to natural based products which is to Embrace Well-being, Naturally. 


We highlight the USP of its products which are nature-derived both on their personal care products as well as the home care products.


We positioned Botanical Essentials as the brand that does not only care to our well-being but also care to the world.

Botanical Essentials’ vision is to recognize the whole cycle of societal and environmental sustainability. Therefore, Botanical Essentials presents a series of holistic care products, from personal care to home care. 


They'd like to encourage more of a balanced life that will lead to a healthier and happier person naturally. 

Botanical Essentials as a new brand came to us, asked for a communication strategy to increase awareness on healthy lifestyle and the need to reduce chemical based ingredients in consumer’s life.


With consistent story-telling throughout every channel, we do not only create awareness but also persuade audiences for product trials.

Botanical Essentials
ZENO Indonesia
Brand Identity, Packaging, Social Media



Reconnect with Nature, Reconnect with Yourself

To remind our audiences of the presence of nature, and also to reconnect us as a human to nature, we use a more simple and clean approach that is easy to digest for our audiences throughout its logo, packaging, and also social media design.


We want our audiences to immediately connect through the use of graphic visual representing the nature as part of the design elements, being reminded of the connection between Botanical Essentials, nature and our own self.


The social media contents will show a well-organized content pillars that combine not only product knowledge, but also showing the natural ingredients of the products, completed with the healthy and well-balanced lifestyle that people can be inspired of.

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