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. Nu Zuzu by ABC Indonesia

Nu Zuzu is a new milk flavor drink brand that's going to be launched by ABC President, one of the leading companies in food and beverage. To launch the product, ABC President approached us for its for a digital launch campaign. Learning the insights and research of its target audiences which are kids, we came up with a campaign that initiates kids to like Nu Zuzu (or Zuka Zuzu in local language). As simple as they are, we believe that we have to make them like our product first and to achieve this digitally, we accentuate the presence of Nu Zuzu's mascot, the Zuzu Bear. We build the story of the Zuzu Bear as kid's all time friend that accompanies them whenever and while doing whatever. And at the same time, our Zuzu Bear will be our advocate that educates kids that their day/activity will be more fun if they drink Nu Zuzu. Adding an approach that leads more towards sales, we create comic book that comes in a bundle with Nu Zuzu bottle. Carrying the concept of a simple kid's comic book, it will be telling stories of Zuzu Bear everyday life and fun experience. The comic book will be published regularly, so it can be a collectible comic series for kids.  

The digital advertising varies from social media content, to microsite, and also interactive Nu Zuzu;s special stickers application on Instagram.

// Digital advertising – social media, microsite  //

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