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Lakmé Absolute Reinvent is a make up brand owned by Unilever that's originally comes from India. 
It was named after the French opera Lakmé, which in French there's also the goddess of wealth named Lakshmi who is renowned for her beauty.

Lakmé as a brand itself was brought to Indonesia on 2017. They came to us asking for our help to create a campaign that celebrates summer time. Being inspired by the season, we collaborated the nature beauty of summer nature in its bright colors, and also summer story that our audiences typically do during this season – traveling – as our concept. This concept and style choices are to reflect the beauty of summer look of our audiences while they're enjoying their own summer experience. 

Lakmé Absolut Reinvent
ZENO Indonesia
Campaign, Social Media



The Beauty of Nature


The visual approach will show the incorporation between Lakmé products with any kind of nature in the same color and tones – this is to communicate how nature is not only a source of inspiration but also how Lakmé products can make you naturally more beautiful.

To first launch the campaign, we approached the visual

by bringing more the color of the summer nature – this is to put more connection to the products first in order to create awareness towards the brand's presence amongst our targeted audiences.

Then we continued by tapping into

one of the activities that our audiences usually do

during summer that excites them – traveling.

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