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. GOPAY by Gojek

GoPay is a digital payment method owned by Gojek, the unicorn company in Indonesia. Gojek itself is a super app that covers most of Indonesian people daily needs, from foods purchasing, medical needs all delivered to your front door, to ride service with car and motorbikes. 

As the digital financial service keeps rising, including digital form of payment, Gojek would like to rise  the awareness of GoPay as their form of digital payment to their audiences/users use in-app or off-app. At that time they felt like the usage of GoPay hadn't reached all of its capability, including payment option for e-commerce purchase. 

Understanding the problem, we came up with the very first foundation that we believe is important as a start to raise the awareness, which is to simply inform our audiences. The campaign is divided into 3 phases, where on the first phase, we tease our audiences with basic information or a trivia, unbranded, for example "that a bird actually do not pee.". This is intended to raise the curiosity and social conversation.

After the brief first phase, we then add information that GoPay now can be used as your digital payment platform on the second phase, along with the trivia given. Then on the third phase, we collaborate with engaged merchants for special promotion to our audiences who use GoPay as their payment method. We make it easier for our audiences to get the promos by having the QR Code that will lead them to GoPay's website that has list of promotions from different merchants. 

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