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The overall strategy in approaching the targeted audiences starts from building the connection and a robust trust campaign while leveraging the trusted touch-points. 

Starting from the awareness phase, we create the conversation that build-up the confidence of our audiences to #StepUpTheirBeauty and pass through the taboo and misconceptions that persist.

We arise relatable problems that are usually faced by our audiences and bring up the needed information and knowledge related as the solution so that  the audiences have more in their hands to consider and they can have more confident  in getting their own injectable treatments. 


Throughout the whole campaign, we accompany and support our audiences by hand on their journey in stepping up their beauty. 

Allergan Aesthetics, as the Indonesia's representative for beauty injection treatment brands such as Botox and Juvéderm, asked for a campaign that does not only remind and educate Indonesian people on how important it is to enhance their outer beauty look, but also to break the taboo and misconception on the injectable treatments.

Allergan Aesthetics
DJE Holdings Indonesia
Campaign, Social Media, Promotional Materials, Video Series

A Whole-Round Reminder

The promotional materials cover from Mini X-Banner that will welcome customers when they visit the clinic at the reception table, while you also can see the Roll-Up Banner and also the Poster inside the clinic.


Customers will be given a hand-out of the Aftercare Leaflet post their Botox experience.



Tapping into the situation where people are required to wear mask everytime due to the Covid-19 pandemic,  Botox through Allergan Aesthetics would like to have printed promotional materials on their campaign called  You Can't Mask Everything.

 By saying that, Botox would like to remind the audiences how Botox has them covered on what's not covered by regular mask.

The promotional materials are spread  throughout the aesthetic clinics as their partners.

Seeing the success of Botox's product campaign,
Juvéderm, as facial filler brand, would like to highlight their products with a sub-campaign that's called
E-Shape Is The New V-Shape.

This new campaign highlights Juvéderm products as the futuristic facial filler trend in aesthetic treatment. 

While having the focus on the 3-dimensional on mid-lower face, we encourage the audiences to achieve their own attractiveness to level up their confidence.

Not only on printed promotional materials,
the campaign is also carried into the StepUpYourBeauty's social media platform and website in order to create more buzz and awareness – not only offline but also online.

StepUpYourBeauty's Digital Video Series

We also created educational/promotional digital videos that we launched not only on YouTube, but also being spread out to most of Allergan's partner clinics. Our audiences will be able to watch the videos while waiting for their appointment. With that, they will know better about treatments that they'll be getting and what is StepUpYourBeauty as a campaign – all wrapped in a more relatable story.

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